ABOVE:  The SmallTugs Crew gathers to introduce the first of the new CNC Cutting Files packages from SmallTugs; included will be a totally new CNC Construction Manual with extensive cut-away and fly-through images to illustrate the assembly process.

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Late 2012 BIG NEWS:
CNC FILES at last! (Almost)

The first of the CNC Cutting Files is for the popular 538T Pintle commercial tug but applies also to the 927 series hulls for designs including 367TY Perk, 551T Petunia, 543WY Puffer, and 540T Pelagic.  This package is almost complete and will available shortly; many of the images from this CNC Package, CNC538, are shown elsewhere here.

Following this first package will be CNC files for the smaller 921 series hull designs including 323T Pelikan, 553WY Powder Puff’r, 361TY Pouch, and 363TY Paunch, and a new design: 424T Push’r, a 24 ft. trailerable pushboat.

CNC files for additional designs, some old and some new, will be introduced later.

The SmallTugs CNC packages are intended to provide our clients with a step by step assembly similar to a “kit”.  The client purchases, via our CNC package, the steel parts plasma cut to exact size from his/her local steel supplier who delivers them to the client’s site ready for assembly.  These parts are permanently labeled and marked for orientation and provide virtually 99% of the cut sheet parts needed to construct a SmallTug hull.  All parts are optimally nested for minimum waste in standard steel sheet sizes and cut dimensions are carefully adjusted for scantlings so joints are ready to weld without trimming.

The minimal cost of the SmallTugs CNC Cutting File package will be more than offset by the savings in material waste, assembly labor, and absence of rework.  The CNC package eliminates the lofting and preparation part of the construction; just erect the parts and weld.  No back-breaking maneuvering of full size sheets of heavy steel; most pieces are easily handled by one person.

More information will be released shortly on these exciting new additions to the SmallTugs product line.  To be on the early mailing list for CNC info click here.


We will be offering a CNC files package for an “almost” 323T Pelikan clone in ALUMINUM.  This design, 423T Pirocco, is a modernized 23 ft. version of Pelikan with a more conventional stem and a slight vee bottom as well as a larger engine.  It was intended as an everyday workboat for marine contractors and has an exceptionally heavy deck payload capacity aft for mud pumps, generators, etc.  Her modified hull form will also favor  higher hull speeds (semi-planing) in association with her larger engine.  More info?  Click here


New SmallTug designs are on the boards as well.  Hull sizes in the 30-45 ft. range will be released in the coming months.  We’d love to hear your requests - Click here


Do you like tugs but don’t have room in your life or wallet for a full sized one?  How about a tug model based on one of the SmallTug designs?  A great way to get ready for building the real thing too.  Coming soon right here to these pages, ready-to-build tug model kits in sizes up to 60” LOA suitable for RC or just proud display.

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We try to respond quickly and completely to your questions  about SmallTugs Designs.  Be sure to use your valid email address and make sure we can get through your spam blocker.
-The SmallTugs Crew


 Currently SmallTugs design plans are available only as a minimalist set of plan, profile, and offsets.  No detail plans are available for any designs.  The information provided in these sets is sufficient to build a SmallTug design.  This approach allows us to sell these plans essentially FREE, charging only for reproduction and mailing costs.  Currently these design sets cost $24.00 ($US) each postpaid in the U.S.  International postage is a small surcharge.

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NOTE: Our offices, including shipping, are closed for the Christmas Holiday until 28 December.  Any orders received during this period will be shipped on or after 28 December.


The SmallTugs Tutorial Set to Accompany Plans is sold separately or as a discounted combo package with a plan.


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SmallTug™ Designs by Capt. Mal Low, N.A.
Award-Winning Commercial Tug and Tug Yacht Designs
from 21 ft. to 63 ft. LOA
What was Mal Low’s and SmallTugs’ involvement with these boats?
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Mal Low’s SmallTugs™
Plans for Sale:
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 551T Petunia - 28 ft. LOA
553WY Powder Puff’r - 21 ft LOA
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  1. www.loremtincidunt.com
  2. www.rasnliber.com
  3. www.roinmetusurnaporta.com
Capt. Mal Low, N.A.:
Mal Low, Naval Architect, is a retired tug captain who brings real blue water tug experience to the design of heavy duty tug hulls for commercial and pleasure use.  Mal’s award-winning designs are the real thing, not just cosmetics over play toys.  Coming back from a prolonged illness, Mal is ready to bring new life to the SmallTugs product line.
and we’re joined by:
Joseph Delgado Sr., CNC Programmer, an established presence in the CAD/CAM and CNC marine market.  Joseph has extensive experience in CNC file development and has supported boat builders like Swiftships and Island Boats as well as independent builders and the U.S. Government.  He has teamed up with SmallTugs to provide our clients with the best small craft CNC packages available today.
You can see some of Joseph’s fine work at www.cncboatshop.com.
“Just messin’ ‘round in boats” - Mal’s sons, Bill and George, c. 1976 in Gloucester, MA
Computer wallpaper available for the above design, 625T Persevere.  Click herePersevere%20Wallpaper.htmlPersevere%20Wallpaper.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0